Feedback from experienced players

Many experienced players note that Baccarat is not only a gambling card game, but also a tool for making good money. And it is.

Baccara Gamers

I play cards professionally. I usually prefer poker, but recently I discovered Baccara. Personal experience allowed me to quickly get used to the game and start withdrawing the first money from the new casino. Super! I recommend the card game to everyone, but not to beginners. Luck doesn’t work here.


Baccarat is a difficult game for me. I have card playing skills and a sense of the deck, but this is not enough here. There is always a chance that luck will turn its back on you … I advise beginners, but I recommend taking the first steps carefully. You need to be able to stop at failures and at dizzying successes. Believe me, this is personal experience…

I have been playing baccarat for 3 years

And often withdraw money. But I do not live only with maps. And I recommend that the “greens” leave the illusions that card games and casinos can replace a full-time job. Yes, during tournaments I manage to make a monthly salary for a week only in Baccarat, but this does not mean that everything is simple. I’ve been into card games for years. Baccara singled out for itself because of the simplicity of the rules and clarity. There is nothing difficult. But this does not mean that without experience there is something to do here. It took me 3 months to demo.

In general, I rate the game excellent. I recommend playing Baccarat only in reliable casinos. Otherwise, you may be scammed.

Beginner reviews

Many newbie reviews are negative. But this only confirms the importance of knowing the rules, experience, as well as the ability to exclude preoccupation with experiences.

The game sucks

My nickname on the site is specially made like this! How can you play against the casino if all the programs there are set up against the players? Especially in such a stupid game… Baccarat disappointed me. I spent 5 thousand, I withdraw only 3 …

Newbie 3674

I’m starting to take my first steps. I read all the articles on this site and apply the recommendations, guided by the advice. In demo, sometimes I get a good plus, sometimes I lose. So far in a week I was able to “shake” the virtual account slightly. Growth – 100 conventional units. The game is good, I will continue to train.

No name

Why did I play Baccarat? Can anyone explain how you can beat the dastardly casinos? Money down the drain. In real life, I love this card game, but in online establishments it’s just bullshit.

The opinion of representatives of a number of casinos

For ethical and other reasons, the names of gambling jurisdictions are hidden by the administration.

Casino 1

We have Baccarat open every day 5-15 thousand times. Peaks fall on the period of tournaments. Rare players win, about 2 out of 10, but we regularly and honestly pay them. The game was added after talking with a partner – a supplier who gives us games and more. Satisfied.

Casino 2

Baccara is present in our casino, but we are thinking about removing this card game. Every fifth player somehow miraculously beats our dealer. So far we have neither a plus nor a minus. But what’s the point then in general for us to work with Baccarat?

Casino 3

The game is popular. We regularly hold tournaments on it. The statistics are positive in every sense. Both for us and for the players. Baccarat is played by 32.5% of all clients. Irregular, but still. Colleagues can advise!

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