Basic terms and concepts in the game Baccara

Terms and Definitions

  • Baccarat. This is the name of a card game. Rarely, but the term is applied to a winning combination. That is, a player who scored a nine can say: “Baccarat!”;
  • Bank. This term is used in relation to the totality or amount of funds wagered on a particular outcome;
  • Bid. This is the amount of funds that a particular player has bet on a certain outcome;
  • coup. “Koop” is represented in Baccarat as one game round or as a game;
  • Croupier. Croupier is a dealer. He accepts bets, deals cards and performs other functions;
  • Commission. This is the amount of funds taken by the casino for its own services;
  • natural. The term is used when it has a layout of cards with a sum of values from 8 to 9 without dealing an additional one;
  • Palette. This is a “stick”. The dealer moves the cards to her. In online casinos, the “stick” is animated most often;
  • “Shooter”. Shooter – the second name of the bank;
  • Streak. This is a chain of continuous victories or wins, regardless of the number of games;
  • VIP. This abbreviation is used for players with a special status. Often valid during periods of special promotions;
  • upcard. The term is applied to open cards.

These are not all terms. You can dive into the world of Baccarat and understand which words are most common for certain situations by starting the game. Before that, we advise you to read the section with news about Baccara. There is some useful information there.

Concepts and definitions

Here are the basic concepts:

  • banker bet. The concept denotes the banker’s winning bet;
  • Best Baccarat Bet. This is the rate available to the bank holder, guaranteeing almost 50% success;
  • Down card. The concept is used in relation to the position of a card that is closed;
  • face card. So they call jacks, ladies and kings;
  • high roller. This is the player who made the biggest bet;
  • house edge. The concept is used when the casino has an advantage over Baccarat players;
  • player bet. This is a bet on the player’s victory;
  • Shuffle up. The concept is used to denote the mixing of cards;
  • Tie Bet. This is a draw bet.

As in the case of terms, a conditionally general list is presented.

Why does a player need to know the terms and concepts related to the game of Baccarat?

This in a sense guarantees an understanding of the gameplay. Like any other card game, Baccarat is characterized by the presence of special terms, concepts and definitions. Their understanding makes it possible to have fun without misunderstanding what is happening. This is true for online games as well.

In order to quickly navigate the conceptual apparatus, it is best to start playing. Theory is good, but all the theoretical aspects related to Baccara are best learned in the gameplay. This is noted by many experienced players.

We recommend that you begin to comprehend theory through practice. Additionally, you can learn the rules and basic principles of the Baccara game. You can start with the maximum benefit if you register right now using the link below.

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