Positive and negative progress: special systems

Positive Progress System for Baccarat

It’s kind of like a strategy. The bottom line is that after each bet you need to either increase or decrease the amount of the next one. The approach to playing Baccara is quite interesting. The main principles within the framework of the positive progress system are:

  • the bet increases each time the player wins;
  • reduce the amount of the bet should be provided that there is a loss.

This option takes place under the condition that the player prefers short sessions. Often, when combined with recommendations such as good deposit management, a positive progress strategy produces excellent results. It excludes spending own funds, because at a distance the amount of money won becomes disproportionate in the context of growth compared to what the player spends when reducing rates during losses.

Negative progress system for Baccara

Everything is different here. The bottom line is to increase the bet every time there is a loss. If the player wins, you need to bet less. The latter is somewhat illogical, so experienced players prefer to use only the first part of this tactic, that is, increase the amount of the bet every time after a loss. You can double it or simply calculate it in such a way that in case of victory there is a minimum increase in the balance.

This system is associated with many risks. The first and most significant is due to the desire to recoup by increasing the bet every time after a loss. We do not recommend the negative progress system to players who do not know how to manage their own gaming behavior and are easily amenable to excitement.

In addition, we advise you to study other common strategies and tactics before playing for real money.

“Flat” rates: to whom and when it is beneficial

The system of flat rates is different from those presented earlier. The bottom line is that the amount of the deposit must be divided in advance by a certain number of equal rates. The player, therefore, plays cards with a strictly fixed amount of contributions to the wager. He doesn’t raise or lower rates regardless of the scenario.

Advantages of this approach:

  • increased chance of making a profit. Refusal to increase rates leads to the safety of the deposit, smoothes out fluctuations caused by an increase or decrease in the level of contributions to the bet;
  • the possibility of planning a series of bets, which is larger in number compared to other baccarat playing techniques. That is, for example, with a deposit of 1000 conventional units, you can make 100 bets of 10.

The optimal approach of “flat” rates will be for beginners. First, we recommend that you try your hand at the demo version of Baccara. If you have confidence in your own abilities, you are aware of the risks and understand the rules of the Baccarat card game, then you can safely start gambling entertainment right now.

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