Spanish 21

Spain, Spain… Spanish “Point” or not?

Spanish 21 is considered to be a game that is in many ways similar to the usual “Point”. But everything is not as simple and straightforward as it seems. Experienced players are well aware of this fact. It is customary to use 6-8 decks for the game. Tens are excluded. Experts in the world of gambling card games note that this negatively affects the probability of winning, however, experienced players know and use proven strategies that allow them to win.

There is an opinion that Spanish 21 is an analogue of Blackjack. But it is not entirely true. The goal is to score 21 points without tens in the decks, or a value greater than what the dealer has in his hands. The standard rule works regardless of the situation: you cannot dial more than the marked limit. This guarantees a loss.

In Spanish 21, the card values are the same as the regular ones. Ace is 11, jacks, queens and kings are tens. Cards with numbers are valued at their actual face value.

The main aspects of the game Spanish 21 are:

  • after all players have placed their bets, the dealer deals the cards. He takes two for himself, opens one. Provided that it is an ace or ten in the form of a jack, queen or king, a hole card check is required. If the dealer has 21 points in his hand, the players’ bets go to the casino;
  • in a situation different from the one presented, the players draw additional cards for themselves. After at least one has 21 points, he receives a payout.

If no one reaches the required number of points, the players make the final decisions about the additional hand. After the dealer shows the second card, draws, if necessary. It is carried out to seventeen points or more. If the threshold of 21 is exceeded, the dealer loses. If the “addition” is stopped, the players must show their cards. The one with the sum close to 21 wins. Players with higher totals lose.

Baccarat vs Spanish 21

Comparison of Baccara and “Spanish Point” is inappropriate. However, there are many similarities. This is, for example, the identity in a number of situations when several decks are used for Baccarat. The essence is the same by and large: the player needs to score a certain number of points. The principles of Baccara are somewhat different from those that characterize Spanish 21, but this hardly affects the main idea.

We cannot unequivocally recommend this or that card game. We recommend trying both to decide which one you like best. You should not be limited: only trial and error, rounds and victories can be considered as the basis for an unambiguous decision what exactly and why is best for you.

Baccarat will appeal to fans of excitement and people who know the principles of deck distribution. Spanish 21 is more gambling, but less predictable game. This is due to the lack of strict rules. In Baccara, the principles of the game are slightly more complicated, which makes it the choice of professionals.

If you decide to play the Spanish Point, we recommend that you do it right now. Do not put off the excitement and the experiences associated with it. It will be fun, exciting and profitable if you’re lucky!

Do you prefer Baccarat? Then don’t delay the game!

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